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As most of you found out this morning, we are now not able to get into the school until 7am. This is now permanent for the rest of the winter season. From now on, we will proceed in one of the following two ways daily. We will either show up at the school at 6:35 and do our warmup run outside until 7am. Or, if the weather isn’t cooperating, you’ll be required to arrive as warmed up as you possibly can be. We’ll be jumping right into the workout by 7:05 and will do our best to be wrapped up by 8:05 at the latest. There will no longer be time for us to do our warm up laps around the hallways.

Are there any teachers amongst the parent group, who are able to help us out by being at practice 1 day a week? Peter is at Glendale and isn’t able to stay until 8. Mr. Walters is there 3 days a week and Ms. Gittings has said she can be there one day a week at 7:30, so hopefully we can fill that remaining day from 7:30-8. Doesn’t have to be a Westdale teacher, just a HWDSB teacher.

Finally, if you wish to attend the athletic banquet at the end of the school year, the $20 Athletic fee needs to be paid. It can be paid online. If you have any questions, please see Ms. Gittings.

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