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It’s not going to be a nice day tomorrow. As always, please check the blog–I will post as soon after 6am as I can if the school is closed. And as always, if school IS called off, please take care of snow removal for your parents and elderly friends/neighbours/relatives! It’ll be a good weights workout–snow should be nice and heavy!

The Swim Test date has been set! Sunday, March 3 from 4-5PM at the Dundas Community Pool. ALL NOVICES MUST DO THIS TEST UNLESS THEY HAVE BRONZE CROSS CERTIFICATION. If you have the certification, please text me a picture of the card. It cannot be expired.

EXPERIENCED ROWERS WHO DID NOT DO THE TEST LAST YEAR, MUST ALSO DO IT. Testing is now every two years. Again, bronze cross certification will suffice, but you need to send a picture of it to me.

Testing involves treading water while dressed as you would for rowing, and being able to put on a lifejacket in the water. We will not allow anyone to row in our program if this test is not passed. No exceptions.