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We have a strong 25-rower contingent competing at the Grimsby regatta next Saturday, the 23rd. Well done! Those not competing at Grimsby will do a 2K on Friday, February 22nd.
We already have 8 of you signed up and ready to go for the Ontario’s at Ridley on Saturday, March 2. The deadline for entering this regatta is the day after the Grimsby regatta (February 24th). Note that there is a PA Day the day before the Ridley regatta…. cuz y’all haven’t had enough days off this winter with 5 snow days! Ugh. Anybody not competing at Ontario’s will do a 2K on Monday, March 4.
Originally, I wanted to do RADAR testing the week of February 25, however I’m going to push that back a few weeks. A couple of reasons: A) we’ve had five snow days and thus, have lost base training time; B) we have two indoor races on consecutive weeks, so to throw a 6K and the two short tests in there as well is a bit much; and C) the submission deadline is March 31, so we have the luxury of being flexible with our dates. The likely scenario would be to do it either the week heading into March break, or, if y’all are local during the break, we can do it the week of March Break at Leander. With RADAR, as with everything else, timing is everything. We need to do it when you are capable of getting your best performances.