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Here is the draw for Saturday. Please be there 45 minutes before your race so you have enough time to register and weigh in. Bring ID. The event is at GRIMSBY SECONDARY SCHOOL. 5 BOULTON AVE, GRIMSBY, ON. Please leave yourselves enough time to find it in case you get lost. Mike and Pete, Coach’s meeting is at 7:30. I will be there at 7.

8AM-JW 135-HEAT 1
Ryann-Lane 6
Maddy T-Lane 11

8:15-JW-135-HEAT 2
Celina-Lane 6
Maggie-Lane 11

8:30-JW-135-HEAT 3
Liv-Lane 1
Emma-Lane 11

8:45-JW-135-HEAT 4
Maddy D-Lane 5
Seta-Lane 10

9:00-JM-150-HEAT 1
Jack-Lane 7
Owen-Lane 9

9:15-JM-150-HEAT 2
Quin-Lane 3
Lachlan-Lane 13

Sequoia-Lane 13
Chloe-Lane 17

9:45-JM 165
Rochan-Lane 2
Liam-Lane 5
Geon-Lane 12

Davin-Lane 9
Max-Lane 12

Gillian-Lane 1
Becca-Lane 7
Charlotte-Lane 18

11AM-SM 165
Ethan-Lane 14

Serena-Lane 17

Matt-Lane 1

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