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Please make sure you hand in your tests with a name on top. Speaking of which, I have one test without a name on it. I have tests from Celina, Chloe, Becca, Maggie, Kate and Liv. If you handed it in to me and your name is not listed here, let me know! Tests are to be submitted on THURSDAY MORNING.

A reminder to all who need to do the swim test: it is TONIGHT at Dalewood pool at 6:30. Leggings and long sleeve shirt over your swim suit is required.

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So far, the following are registered and good to go:

Liam, Geon, Chloe, Grace, Maggie, Davin, Ryann

If you have registered but your name is not here, please let me know immediately. Registrations are not immediately verified by the club and this can take up to three days. So please don’t wait until the last minute–you may find yourself off the water for the first few days if you do.