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First, congratulations to all our rowers at Ontario’s! Well done! We had 6 PBs. With just a week in between, it would have been very difficult to come close to matching last week’s 16 PBs in Grimsby. But to get 6, and to get a lot more of you very close, on Saturday, was a great accomplishment. For me, though, a big plus is that so many of you had quality pulls. If you don’t set a PB, the next best thing is a ‘quality pull’, where you’re within 7-8 seconds of a PB. Top Ten finishes, and winners of t-shirts, were: Max (5th out of 33), Geon (7th out of 22), Alex, (2nd out of 22), Celina (7th out of 117), Sequoia (6th out of 22), Fiora (10th out of 22). Well done!!!!!

Those of you who paid at registration on Saturday, PLEASE CHECK YOUR CREDIT CARD STATEMENT. I’m not sure what the billing company’s name is (likely not “RegattaCentral”), but if you were charged for the regatta and you paid cash onsite, then let me know immediately, please.

I have clothing orders for the following people. I will distribute at practice this week: Molly, Daniella, Ethan, Maddie T, Max, Maura.

Those of you needing to do swim tests still: Davin, Daniella, Molly, Vicky,
Rochan, Johnson, Jerron. Watch this space for details on when the makeup test will happen.

This is the last week of training before March Break, and also RADAR week. I’m going to switch around the 6K and Peak Power/1 minute tests. 6K will be on Tuesday. Peak Power/’1′ will be on Thursday. 2K re-do’s will be on Friday. If you’re going to be away on Friday and wish to re-do 2K, I will give you the choice of doing it Monday or Wednesday. For the rest, it’s a normal training week, with Monday being a ‘flush’ day—a lighter erg or bike to “flush out” the lactic acid.

“When are we getting on the water?” is becoming a common question. Your guess is as good as mine. Looking at the bay + the forecast, I can almost guarantee that we won’t be on at the same time we were on last year, which was around March 20. What we WILL try to do, is to start getting outside when we can. Expect that when sidewalks clear and temps are acceptable, that we’ll schedule some outdoor runs.

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