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I’m still working on the makeup swim test. Hoping for Dalewood over a lunch break, either Wednesday or Thursday. Stay tuned. If that’s an issue, I need to know now.

With the fire alarm this morning, the RADAR schedule has changed.
WEDNESDAY: PEAK POWER AND 1′ TESTS. (Fiora to to 6K in AM and 2K in PM)
I know it’s not much of a consolation for those who were nearing the end of their test, but I’m going to give each of you 7K on your mileage charts, which will more or less equal your warmup plus distance achieved in the test. Yes, the timing of the alarm was terrible. Please feel free to take it out on your power tests Wednesday! I would like you all (except Fiora), to go to yoga as normal tomorrow, then come down to the gym for 7:35. We’ll do the 1:00 tests first, I’ll record them. Then we’ll do Peak Power one at a time. (10 strokes or less with MAX power, screen on watts). Each rower should do 2-3 of these. Fiora, be ready to start your 6K at 7:30.

Thursday will be a bit different, given the 6K requirement. Those with lower mileage will be the first ones chosen to use up the remaining ergs. The rest will do either HoV, weights or bikes.

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