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Rowing Canada and Regatta Central are now open for registration. Rowing Canada is free. Here’s how to do that one:

1. Go to membership.rowingcanada.org
2. Novices will need to create a new account, which is on the right side of the page.
3. Returning rowers and novices who have created an account, can log in.
4. After log in, click on Register/Join a program. The club you will be joining is Leander Boat Club.

Next, you will need to join Leander through Regatta Central. This one will cost $260. Here’s how to do that one:

1. Go to Regattacentral.com
2. Click Clubs on the top bar.
3. Scroll down to Leander Boat Club
4. Click Programs and Classes
5. Scroll down to High School Season and click register, where you will be guided from there.
**IMPORTANT NOTES FROM ANDREA AT LEANDER*** A few things to keep in mind:
The name on Rowing Canada must match the name on Regatta Central (I have to manually approve people and if I do not see their name on Regatta Central I won’t know its them)
The email you use to register will be the one that gets the Leander notifications.

Both of these registrations MUST be done and MUST be verified by the club before you will be allowed to row. No exceptions.

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