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Thank you all, who came to the meeting g last night! For those who weren’t there, here are items to be taken care of in the short term and relatively short term:

1. Health and Safety forms were distributed at the meeting and this morning at practice. THEY MUST BE FILLED OUT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Yes, they are the same forms as were filled out in the Fall, but because the “On-Water” season is different from the “Indoor” season, they must be filled out again. We are not able to re-use the old ones.
2. Please forward your name and contact information if you are able to help out for Chili Cookoff. Sheri will be sending out information about this in the coming weeks.
3. Each rower’s family buys 6 Chili Cookoff tickets for $15 each that they then sell for $20 each. The $90 is paid for up front to Westdale Rowing. (NOTE: I erroneously said last night that we sold 5 tickets to the rowers. It is actually 6). Tickets will be available by the end of this week or early next week.
4. The Westdale fee (different from the Leander membership fee), is $125. This covers our entry fees for the spring season. While there is a hard deadline for the Leander fee (end of March), the Westdale fee can be paid as late as the third week of April, which is when we’ll need to start paying for the entry fees.