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Chili Cook-off Details!

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Hi everyone! Our Chili Cookoff is quickly approaching! Three weeks today!


We have a great start on collecting donations for our raffles and silent auction. If you have anything you’d like to donate or would like to hit up a friend or relative for swag, gear, prizes, gift cards etc, we would be VERY appreciative. We can make arrangements to pick up anything you’d be able to contribute.


Keep those bottles coming! Thank you so much for those of you have already contributed.


You should get an email tonight with a link to something called ‘Signup Genius”. It’s an online signup for chili, salad and/or dessert. Please don’t feel obligated to signup for all three. One is great (two is better!😉). We will get into details of what else you need to bring and how it will work as we get closer to the day.

I think we have a complete list of email addresses but if you don’t get the signup then get in touch and let us know.

If anyone has any other questions please feel free to email, text or call.

Sheri Henderson (289)776-9091 sherimayh@gmail.com

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