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It looks like there will be one dock going in on Sunday morning prior to the Safety meeting at 10am. If so, then this would require an earlier start on Sunday, likely 7am. I will let you know as soon as I hear.

In advance of that, we will need as many experienced rowers as possible to come down for a rigging session on SATURDAY AT 9AM. We’ll be rigging two eights, three quads and either one or two fours. Two eights and two quads will be put on the trailer for the week, and two or three boats will be put inside on the space that is freed up. PLEASE TEXT ME ABOUT THIS SO I HAVE AN IDEA WHO WILL BE THERE.

We aren’t allowed to row small boats until the cold water rules are lifted (water temp of 5 degrees celsius). We’ll rig those boats as we get closer to the time.

On the weekend, I will post a list of who is eligible to row on Monday, based on club and Rowing Canada registrations, and swim certification forms. I should receive that from Andrea tonight, hopefully. There will also be a list of crews for Monday morning posted, and only those who are green lit to row will be scheduled.

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