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We had three coxswains leave us in the last week of March, so we’re a bit scramble at the moment in that regard. Maddie T is our lone dedicated coxie, so treat her well!!! As for other coxed boats, we will work on a rotation for the moment, rotating in as needed.
If you are interested in coxing, please let one of the coaches know. We will eventually have to assign someone to these seats, but we’re seeing if anybody is interested in doing it before assigning. You are allowed two races at CSSRA in June. For some of you, one of those races may be as a rower and the other as a coxie. It helps if you are loud, vocal, bossy and like to talk a lot! NOTE: Only Maddie T will be coxing two races at CSSRA. Any others would be rowing once and coxing once.

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