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Great job today at rigging. We got everything we needed to get done relatively on time, despite a couple of surprises. Nice work!

For Sunday, we will meet at 8am at the club (not 7am as previously advertised). We will work with Mac to try to get one of the docks in before the safety meeting at 10am. Following the safety meeting, Mac and members of the club are going to try to get the second dock in, so we’ll need as many of you to stick around as possible for that. I know—late notice and a long day, but it would be AWESOME if we can get that second dock in!

Later today or tomorrow, I will post the women’s and hopefully the men’s crews for at least the first couple of days. Women’s crews will be mixed novices and experienced for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, so novices need to lap up as much information as possible in the days you have experienced athletes rowing with you. You are about to learn a TON in the next couple of weeks.

1. No talking in the boat. None. Coaches are trying to coach in a severely limited time frame. The extraneous noise of other voices is a distraction. Only coxswains, coaches and bow seats should talk. And stroke seats if they are there to teach the coxies. Rowers need speak only if asked.

2. Sitting at the picnic table when the rest of your crew is putting a coach boat together.

3. Leaving the dock without having signed out, without your belt life jacket, or without your bow and stern lights on.

4. Not paying attention when carrying boats, banging boats off objects.

It’s a short season. Three years ago, the first row for the seniors was on March 21. Let’s go out, enjoy the water, get lots of sleep, and KICK ASS IN THE NEXT SEVEN WEEKS!!!

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