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Chili Cookoff Update

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Hey everyone!


Thanks to everyone who has already brought wine. Just a reminder to those who haven’t, it can be dropped off in the mornings when you drop your son or daughter at Leander.


Thank you to everyone who has signed up already to bring something. Please let me know if you didn’t get an email invite from Signup Genius about sign up for food.


We have had quite a few exciting donations to our Silent Auction, Raffle collection. If you have anything to donate, know of anything or have already picked something up please bring it to the wine collector in the mornings. It will help with organization of prizes if we know what we have and can organize wrapping etc.


The day is fast approaching. Here is some info about the day that will help. The event starts at 6. We will be able to get into the hall earlier to set up. If you signed up for set up I will be in touch to see how you can help. It would be really helpful for people to have their food there by 5:45 to be ready. Chili needs to be brought hot and is best in a crockpot to keep it warm as long as possible. We won’t be able to plug it in there (not enough power outlets for 30 crockpots!). Salads should be brought in a large serving bowl and desserts split up into small bite size potions to allow for maximum sampling.

Please bring serving utensils for your food and label all your pots, dishes, serving utensils so we can make sure you get them back.

We will supply all the small chili bowls, cutlery, plates, napkins for people to eat with. There will be a place set for each chili and for salads. Desserts need to be brought into the back kitchen to be put out after dinner.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For food allergies and dietary restrictions please have all ingredients for each dish you bring listed on an index card to be posted next to your contribution.

Then the fun begins! Try all as many chili dishes, salads and desserts as you would like and vote for your favorite of each!

Please contact me if you have any questions. Sheri Henderson 1(289)776-9091 or email sherimayh@gmail.com

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