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Just a reminder that, when we have to run in the mornings due to high winds, you MUST run in packs of at least three. If one of your group tweaks something and is forced to walk, then at least three must walk. If you’re in a bigger group, then the rest can run on while two stay behind to walk with the person who tweaked something. Under no circumstances is anybody to walk/run alone. While nobody walked or ran alone this morning, one of our rowers was finishing up her stairs, then when she and Mike descended the stairs at the end, discovered the others had already left, necessitating a ride back to the club. NOT COOL! Let’s use that thing that’s perched on top of your shoulders that weighs about 7 pounds. It’s common sense: if you’re going down the stairs and you pass someone coming up, then that means they have yet to come down….so don’t leave! Or another common sense thought: if you run to the stairs in a group of four, and are about to start back with a group of three, then you need to wait for one person!!!

Mike’s Note:  Another aspect of our running is to bring running shoes with you every day.   Too  many athletes are showing up with boots, Crocs and sandals.  I’ve yet to see swim flippers but I would not be surprised to see them.  Come prepared to train.


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