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Chili Cookoff Details

A reminder that the Chili Cook Off is this Thursday, April 25th.  Here are a few need to know items for those of you new to this great fundraiser. The short version is bring food and CASH!  But here is the full summary:

We will have chili, salads and desserts for everyone to try and will vote on best chili and best dessert by number. Each family generally brings two dishes, one of each category.  A sign up email was sent out a few weeks ago, if you are bringing something and didn’t sign up, you can do so here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0d4caea723a2fc1-chili


Food contributions: all food should arrive with serving utensils and ingredient card.

Chili – please arrive with it already heated and a serving spoon & index card with ingredients.  Chili needs to arrive by 530pm. No outlets for heating, so please bring it heated! A crockpot will hold the heat for the evening.

Salad – bring it prepped and with serving utensils & ingredient card.

Dessert – bring it sliced (small slices) & ready to sample on a platter, tupperware, whatever works best with a serving utensil –  small sample size slices, not a full dessert as everyone will try multiple desserts. Also an index card with list of ingredients.

Please label your utensils with your initials so you can find them to take home.  When your food is placed, note the number assigned to your dish.  All winning dishes will be based on the number assigned!  Chili and salads to be set on tables on arrival, desserts will go in the kitchen.  The rowers will bring these out after the salads are cleared, so please leave ingredient list with the dessert and serving utensil.  After the desserts are set on the tables, please check your dessert is out and what number it has been assigned.

The event officially starts at 6pm, but once you arrive with your chili you can peruse the raffle and silent auction tables. Yes, there will be more opportunities to support Westdale Rowing – It is a fundraiser!  We have more than a dozen great raffle items, music lessons, bath baskets, and of course multiple wine baskets (ah, now you know why we kept asking for wine ;). And a silent auction with a dozen great choices, including an iPhone and limited edition photos by our very own coach, Peter DeNew.

There will also be door prizes awarded throughout the evening, and of course, prizes for chili and dessert!  We should be done by 9pm and if everyone can help clean up at the end of the night, more hands makes for less work.

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I miscounted slightly the first time. That, plus a donation the day afterwards brought our grand total to $3000.73 + 2 American dollars!

Well done, everybody. You may not realize this, but ALL of this amount comes back on you. YOU are our representatives. How you interact with the public translates into what we were able to collect. You want to know how highly the community thought of you on Saturday? Near the end of the day I was having a chat with Lachlan as he did his erg. There was a guy coming past and he stopped. I assumed he had a backpack from the way he was holding his bags, but when he put the first bags down, we could see that he had a disability of short arms. I went over and asked if I could help, but he said he was fine. He put the rest of the bags down, got out his wallet, and made a donation. I’m not sure about Lachlan, but I was pretty floored by the effort the man made to give his donation. Full respect, and a great reminder that what you do and what the community thinks of what you do, should never be underestimated.