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I’ve just done the entries for our first regatta of the year, but before I pay it, I want to reiterate that this regatta is NOT covered by your spring fees (some of which still have to come in). We also split the trailering fee with St. Mary’s, and the estimate I’ve been given is about $100 total, which will work out to a couple of bucks per rower. This is an extra regatta, so I don’t want anybody to be surprised by this. Once the entry fees clear my VISA and the exchange rate is posted, I will invoice each of you based on what races you were in. Coxwains aren’t charged, just the rowers. The cost will come out to somewhere between US$40 and $US63 per rower, plus the $2-$3 Canadian per rower we’re anticipating for trailering/road tolls/gas for the trip.

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