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Sequoia and Lachlan’s Mom has put together an amazing document that has pretty much everything you’ll want to know about the upcoming regatta.

The only thing that isn’t here, is the racing format for this particular regatta. There are two elements: a time trial in the morning, and side-by-side racing in the finals in the afternoon. Everybody races the morning time trial. Boats are sent off down the course from the start line up river in the order of their bow number, at approximately 30 second intervals. A boat’s time starts when it crosses the start line. What to watch for: let’s say one of our boats is bow #75 and is starting 10th out of 20 boats in their event. If bow number 75 is, say, the 5th boat passing the viewing area and is ahead of, say, 74, 73 and 72, that is very good for us! Conversely, if we see bow numbers 76, 77, etc before we see ours, that isn’t so good–it likely meant they got passed. The idea of this type of race is to pass as many boats as possible, while holding off, or putting more distance between, those boats behind us, while always knowing in the back of their mind, they don’t know how the boats further up front, or further behind, are doing. If one boat starts six minutes ahead, they will be finished, or almost finished, by the time our crew even starts. So they have to race as hard as possible the whole race, no matter how many boats they pass!

The afternoon finals races are the type we’ll be racing the rest of the season: they start side-by-side and first past the finish line wins.

Bennett Regatta Information 2019_2

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