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1. Please ensure that you have a RED LONG-SLEEVED or RED T-SHIRT for Sunday’s regatta. We are racing as Leander, NOT as Westdale.


3. If you are driving to Buffalo with someone else, MAKE SURE YOU’VE HAD A LETTER DRAWN UP, as posted on Michaela’s excellent regatta document posted a few days ago!

3. Spring Westdale fee is now due ($125). Cheques can be made out to Westdale Rowing, or cash is accepted as well—but please make sure I write it down that you’ve paid. Things can be quite hectic in the mornings! E-transfer is also accepted to me, then I will write a cheque to Westdale Rowing.

4. Novice rowers, please communicate this to your parents or get them to read the blog if they aren’t, because there have been some questions over this fee that I’ll try to clear it up. This $125 spring fee covers our regatta entry fees and is separate from the $260 paid to Leander that covered your membership fee. If there are any questions about this, please ask, or have your parents/caregivers contact me for clarification. This information has been communicated throughout the season from the October meeting onward, but it’s understandable that it can get lost amid the mountain of (necessary) postings at this time of year. And also for the novice parents, note that the Bennett entry fees and trailering costs are NOT covered by this spring fee. Again, novices, please make sure your parents know this! I know that it can sometimes feel like we’re asking for fees constantly. I get it. But we don’t want you to feel like we haven’t been upfront about this from the very beginning, because we have.

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