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I have attached the daysheet for Bennett. For novices, the dayshift is your information sheet for the day. It tells you the boat you’re in, your crew, your meeting time, your weigh-in time if you need to weigh in, whether you are hot-seating your boat, your launch time and your race time. Launch time is usually 30 minutes prior to race time but we like to put our hands on the boat and start the walk to the dock 5-10 minutes before that —so about 40 minutes before race time. Know your daysheet. Nothing is worse than waiting for one person for a crew meeting.

**NOTE*** “Hotseating” means you row to the dock and another crew takes over your boat. If you are hot seating OUT OF a boat, you will be told prior to your race. You need to get the boat back to the dock as quickly as possible. If you are hot seating INTO a boat, your crew needs to be waiting on the dock for the boat to come in, with your bow number. Hopefully a coach will be with you, but we may be really busy. Basically, just BE ON THE BALL!

Sunday begins our evaluations. We’ll be watching how you perform technically and race-wise. If you want to make the ‘top boat’, then you need to race every race as hard as you can!! You are being challenged tomorrow. Rise up to the challenge, meet it and make us think that YOU are in the mix for the final crews that are racing 25 days from now!!


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Well done loading today, everybody! You paid attention to detail and it was a job well done. I would like everybody to be there for 7am tomorrow to unload the trailer and rig the boats. Our first race is at 9am.

Some things to remember:

1. Please make sure you have your red shirts and passports!

2. The coaches/coxwains meeting is at 7:30am for the following people: If you are coxing a race or if you are bowing a double or a quad, you must be there for this meeting.

3. Please make sure your red shirts and passports are packed.

4. Coxwains do not weigh in for this regatta. Lightweights DO weigh in for this regatta. The lightweight 4+ will weigh in with me AFTER the coaches/coxwains meeting. I will meet you in front of the weigh in room at approximately 7:50.

5. Please make sure you have your red racing shirt and passports packed!!

6. Do not be fooled by the forecast. There is still loads of ice on Lake Erie, and as you know, when warm air passes over cold surfaces, the air can cool. So I wouldn’t be surprised if it might be a bit chilly tomorrow. Make sure you bring clothes for the occasion!!

7. And have I mentioned this yet? MAKE SURE YOU HAVE PASSPORTS AND RED SHIRTS!!!!!!

Race hard tomorrow and have fun!