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Thursday weather is dicey, Friday looks rowable and so does Saturday. Saturday will likely be a short row followed by a trailer load. I will inform you on details as they come to me. Trailer load will take place under the capable direction of Mike, Madison and Victoria on Saturday morning.

Here is the EXCELLENT document for this weekend’s regatta. Please read it carefully—everything you’ll ever want to know about this regatta is in here. I will be publishing the draw this week, and will post a day sheet likely on Saturday night. This is a very compact and BUSY regatta and we will likely have some hot seating (boat comes to the dock, outgoing crew gets in, incoming crew gets out and off they go). If you are hot seating, please get your boat back to the dock as quickly as possible! We will meet with you when we can before the races, but in some cases, some of them may be out racing.

Mother's Day Regatta Information 2019