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Below are the race times, boats, progression and crews as are on the draw. We would like EVERYBODY to be there for 6:45 in order to rig and get everybody weighed in. Even if you aren’t racing until afternoon, you need to be there in the morning, especially if you have to weigh in. All rowers in weight class events MUST WEIGH IN TOGETHER, AS A CREW!
Coxwains do not need to weigh in for this regatta.
As you see below, it is a VERY busy day for the coaches. I will be publishing a day sheet at some point with meeting times, your boat, your seat, your launch time, your race time, your bow number and the progression if it is a heat. Be where you are supposed to be, when you are supposed to be there. The last thing we need is to be chasing you down.

8:21AM: SW632X. (Gillian, Charlotte). HEAT 2 LANE 7. 3 HEATS. 1ST+N3F>FINAL
8:49AM: JW4+. (Liv, Ryann, Seta, Grace, Rochan) H3, L6. 3H, 1+NF3
9:10: SM722X. (Ethan, Alex) H1, L5. 3H
9:38AM: SW4X. (Serena, Gillian, Charlotte, Maura) H2, L5. 2H,
10:13: JW4X. (Emma, Grace, Seta, Maddy D) H2, L6, 2H
10:41 SW4+. Sequoia, Maddy B, Chloe, Fiora, Becca) H2, L2. 3H
11:09: SW631X. (Gillian) H3, L6. 3H
11:16: JW2X. (Ryann, Maddy D) H1, L2. 3H
12:33: SM721X. (Ethan) H2, L3. 3H
12:54: SW2X (Serena, Chloe): H2, L3. 3H
1:01: SW2X (Maura, Grace). H3, L8. 3H
1:22: JW634+ (Emma, Liv, Celina, Maggie, Maddy D): H1, L5. 2H

FINALS (Crews not named below had heats above

1:55: JM4+ (Crew A): (Jerron, Davin, Quin, Lachlan, Maggie) Lane 8
Crew B: (Liam, Max, Alex, Geon, Owen) Lane 6
2:01: SW632X
2:13: JW4+
2:31: SW638+: (Kate, Emma, Maddy B, Celina, Fiora, Maggie, Sequoia, Becca, Liam) Lane 5
2:37: SM721X
3:07: JW4X
3:19: SW4+
3:37: JM664X (Lachlan, Quin, Owen, Baoze) Lane 5
4:01: SW2- (Chloe, Maddy B) Lane 6
4:07: JM8+: (Jack, Owen, Jerron, Rochan, Baoze, Davin, Quin, Lachlan, Liv)
Lane 6
4:19: JM4X. (Liam, Max, Alex, Geon) Lane 6
4:25: SW634+ (Maggie, Sequoia, Fiora, Becca, Maddy D). Lane 4
4:37: SM721X
4:49: SW594X. (Kate, Ryann, Charlotte, Liv) Lane 2
4:55: SW2X
5:13: JW634+
5:19: SM664X (Owen, Rochan, Jack, Baoze) Lane 5
5:25: SM8+: (Liam, Davin, Max, Lachlan, Quin, Ethan, Alex, Geon, Maura) Lane 3

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