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Better late than never. Let’s see how much of this race plan we can get into our regatta tomorrow. It will be much more detailed next week, but for tomorrow, here are the elements we want:

1. With side-by-side racing, I would like the coxies to motivate crews to pass those we are closely racing against.
2. We would like a FOCUS POWER 20 AT EACH 500 METRE PYLON, WHERE WE HAVE A TECHNICAL FOCUS ON ONE OF THE FOLLOWING (catch timing, finish timing, feeling the burn in the quads, hands DOWN and away at the finish, not feathering the bases underwater).
3. A special “MAMA 15” when passing the parents tent for all the Moms out there!!!!
4. Raising the rate for the finish by 2 beats each 7 strokes for the final 21 of the race.
5. Race rate should be 28-30 for 1x and 2x, 34 for 4+/4x and 36 for 8+s. WITH CONTROL!

Remember to being rain gear! It’s going to be windy, cool and rainy for most of the day. Also, the boat park is said to be very muddy….so bring boots! The conditions are the same for everybody. What the organizers ask for, we will adapt to. Be prepared for anything: delays, adjusted schedules, shortened course….it can all happen. Be prepared.

Again, we will be unloading and rigging boats back at Leander at the end of the day following the regatta. No excuses—EVERYBODY NEEDS TO BE THERE and I’ll be taking attendance. Given that there are still numerous very close decisions to be made about Welland crews, and that the entry deadline is Sunday night, missing trailer unloading will probably tip the scales against anyone not there.


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Only shell trailers will be allowed into the field. Private vehicles, and busses are not to enter the fenced field area. Once in the field, trailers must stay on the roadway and back into spots. Do not drive across the grass to your desired location.

To avoid disappointment, please inform/remind parents they are not allowed in the field for food drop off, etc. They will have to park, and carry in what’s required.

Due to anticipated parking congestion, busses must be parked in the Alumni parking lot, (as you come across the bridge, proceed straight up the hill). Please factor that into your arrival time/schedule.

There will be a $5 donation for parking on the Island for the event. Please obey the parking signs, and do not park in restricted areas. Emergency access must be maintained. Towing will be done if necessary, to ensure access to the Medical building and other required locations.

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8:21AM: SW632X. (Gillian, Charlotte). HEAT 2 LANE 7. 3 HEATS. 1ST+N3F>FINAL ((Propeller Club))
8:49AM: JW4+. (Liv, Ryann, Seta, Grace, Rochan) H3, L6. 3H, 1+NF3 ((OPP))
9:10: SM722X. (Ethan, Alex) H1, L5. 3H ((Propeller Club–hot seat with Gillian/Charlotte))
9:38AM: SW4X. (Serena, Gillian, Charlotte, Maura) H2, L5. 2H, 1+NF4). ((Wolter))
10:13: JW4X. (Emma, Grace, Seta, Maddy D) H2, L6, 2H. 1+NF4). (Bailey)
10:41 SW4+. Sequoia, Maddy B, Chloe, Fiora, Becca) H2, L2. 3H. 1+NF3). (OPP)
11:09: SW631X. (Gillian) H3, L6. 3H. 1+NF3. Stevenson
11:16: JW2X. (Ryann, Maddy D) H1, L2. 3H. 1+NF3. (Propeller)
12:33: SM721X. (Ethan) H2, L3. 3H. 1+NF3. (Beshoff 1x)
12:54: SW2X (Serena, Chloe): H2, L3. 3H. 1+NF3. (Propeller)
1:01: SW2X (Maura, Grace). H3, L8. 3H. 1+NF3. (Justice)
1:22: JW634+ (Emma, Liv, Celina, Maggie, Maddy D): H1, L5. 2H. 1+NF4. (OPP)

FINALS (Crews not named below had heats above

1:55: JM4+ (Crew A): (Jerron, Davin, Quin, Lachlan, Maggie) Lane 8. (TBA)
Crew B: (Liam, Max, Alex, Geon, Owen) Lane 6. (Miller).
2:01: SW632X (Propeller)
2:13: JW4+ (OPP)
2:31: SW638+: (Kate, Emma, Maddy B, Celina, Fiora, Maggie, Sequoia, Becca, Liam) Lane 5 (Griffiths)
2:37: SM72KG2X (Propeller)(HOT SEAT)
2:43: SW4X (Wolter)
3:07: JW4X (Wolter)
3:19: SW4+ (Miller or OPP)
3:31: SW631X
3:37: JM664X (Lachlan, Quin, Owen, Baoze) Lane 5 (Bailey)
3:43: JW2X
4:01: SW2- (Chloe, Maddy B) Lane 6 (Justice)
4:07: JM8+: (Jack, Owen, Jerron, Rochan, Baoze, Davin, Quin, Lachlan, Liv)
Lane 6 (Griffiths)
4:19: JM4X. (Liam, Max, Alex, Geon) Lane 6 (Wolter)
4:25: SW634+ (Maggie, Sequoia, Fiora, Becca, Maddy D). Lane 4 (OPP)
4:37: SM721X (Beshoff 1x)
4:49: SW594X. (Kate, Ryann, Charlotte, Liv) Lane 2 (Bailey)
4:55: SW2X (Justice, Propeller)
5:13: JW634+ (OPP)
5:19: SM664X (Owen, Rochan, Jack, Baoze) Lane 5 (Bailey)

5:25: SM8+: (Liam, Davin, Max, Lachlan, Quin, Ethan, Alex, Geon, Maura) Lane 3 (Griffiths)