Westdale Rowing Community

Information for the Westdale Rowing Community


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Only shell trailers will be allowed into the field. Private vehicles, and busses are not to enter the fenced field area. Once in the field, trailers must stay on the roadway and back into spots. Do not drive across the grass to your desired location.

To avoid disappointment, please inform/remind parents they are not allowed in the field for food drop off, etc. They will have to park, and carry in what’s required.

Due to anticipated parking congestion, busses must be parked in the Alumni parking lot, (as you come across the bridge, proceed straight up the hill). Please factor that into your arrival time/schedule.

There will be a $5 donation for parking on the Island for the event. Please obey the parking signs, and do not park in restricted areas. Emergency access must be maintained. Towing will be done if necessary, to ensure access to the Medical building and other required locations.

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