Westdale Rowing Community

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EVENT 1: SW2-: Maddy B, Chloe
EVENT 3: JW594X: Liv, Ryann, Emma, Celina
EVENT 5: SW638+: Liam, Becca, Fiora, Sequoia, Maddy B, Gillian, Charlotte, Maggie, Kate
EVENT 9: SW4X: Serena, Chloe, Sequoia, Becca
EVENT 11: JW634+: Maddy D (cx), Ryann, Liv, Emma, Celina
EVENT 13: SW631X: A: Maggie
B: Gillian
EVENT 14: SM72.5 1X: Ethan
EVENT 15: JW2X: Grace, Seta
EVENT 16: JM664X: Baoze, Johnson, Jack, Lachlan
EVENT 17: SW4+: KATIE MAC (CX), Maddy B, Fiora, Chloe, Sequoia
EVENT 18: SM4X: Liam, Max, Alex, Geon

EVENT 21: SW632X A) Gillian, Charlotte
B) Fiora, Sequoia
C) Becca, Maggie
EVENT 22: SM722X: Ethan, Alex
EVENT 23: JW4X: Maddy D, Seta, Grace, Ryann
EVENT N1: JMNOV8+: Emma (cx), Rochan, Jack, Jerron, Johnson, Baoze, Davin, Quin, Lachlan
EVENT 24: A) SW1X: Serena
B) Maura
EVENT 26: JM4+: Maggie (cx) Owen, Liam, Max, Geon
EVENT 27: SW594X: Kate, Liv, Celina, Becca
EVENT 29: JW4+: Alex (cx), Maddy D, Seta, Grace, Ryann
EVENT N3: A) JM NOV 4X: Baoze, Jerron, Quin, Lachlan
B) Rochan, Davin, Jack, Johnson
EVENT 30: SW2X: Serena, Chloe
EVENT 33: A) SW634+: Kate (cx) Fiora, Maddy B, Sequoia, Becca
B) Maura (cx), Emma, Liv, Celina, Maggie
EVENT 36: JM 4X: Liam, Max, Alex, Geon
EVENT 40: MIXED 4X A) Owen, Jack, Grace, Charlotte
B) Maura, Jerron, Baoze, Maddy B
EVENT 41: MIXED 8+: Maddy D (cx), Davin, Lachlan, Quin, Ethan, Kate, Gillian, Seta, Maggie
EVENT C1: MIXED COACH’S 2X: Mike, Madison

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