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Guessing everybody is pretty knackered right now! Good day of hard racing. Please note that they’ve added a half hour to what was previously published, but the good thing is, there is now way less crunch between some of our events and there are very few changes required. Race hard on Sunday!

Weigh in for all who need to weigh in ((coxies and weight-class events)) will be at 6:30am.

Please note the following name changes to what was previously announced:
1. Alex replaces Owen in JM4+
2. Owen replaces Maggie as coxie in JM4+
3. Maggie replaces Alex as coxie in JW4+

Boats will be de-rigged and loaded as we go through the day. If you are finished racing, check with Jake to see if your boat is being raced again. If not, de-rig and load as instructed.