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I’ll be putting the crews below without names. If you aren’t sure which crew you’re in, please ask a coach.

We will derig and load Wednesday.

Thursday will be a rigging day for experienced athletes only. Novices have the day off.

Those not racing Friday are not expected to be there.

Below are race times only. I will publish meeting times, boats, etc later in the week. ALL COXWAINS AND ALL WEIGHT-BASED CREWS MUST WEIGH IN!


9:21am: JM4+ heat **COXIE WEIGH IN REQUIRED (with unisuit)

10:45am: SM1x heat

12:23pm: JW2x heat

12:58pm: SW1x heat

2:22pm: SM721x heat **WEIGH IN REQUIRED***

3:04pm: SW2x heat


8:07am: JW594x heat **WEIGH IN REQUIRED***

8:14 or 8:21: JM4+ semi. **WEIGH IN REQUIRED***

8:28am: SW632x heat. **WEIGH IN REQUIRED**

10:06am: SW638+ heat **WEIGH IN REQUIRED***

10:27am: SW4x heat

10:55am: JM724+. heat. **WEIGH IN REQUIRED***

11:23 or 11:30am: SM1x semi

12:05: JM2x heat (Quin and Davin)

1:01pm: JM664x heat ***WEIGH IN REQUIRED**

1:08 or 1:15pm: JW2x semi

1:36, 1:43 or 1:50pm: SW1x semi

2:53pm: JM4x heat

3:14pm: SW634+ heat **WEIGH IN REQUIRED***

3:42 or 4:49pm: SM721x semi **WEIGH IN REQUIRED***

4:31 or 4:38pm: SW2x semi

TBA: JW634+ heat ****WEIGH IN REQUIRED***


8am: JW594x

8:10am: JM4+

8:20am: SW632x

9:12am: SW638+

9:34am: SW4x

9:44am: JM724+

10:04am: SM1X

10:24am: JM2x

11:06am: JM664x

11:16am: JW2x

11:36am: SW1x

12:18pm: JM4x

12:28pm: SW634+

12:50pm: SM721x

1:20pm: SW2x

1:52pm: JW634+

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