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Back on the morning of Hallowe’en, Wednesday October 31, about a zillion Westdale students gathered on day one in the lower gym, overwhelming the coach! Our program that day, read “31 Weeks to CSSRA”. Well, those 31 weeks have passed, and now, here we are. Lots of hard work, lots of erg kilometres and lots of miles put on the water culminates in this weekend’s regatta. All we can ask of you….and all YOU can ask of you….is that you leave nothing on the water and give it your very best effort. The beauty of sport is that it can take you higher and higher, allowing you to achieve goals and results that you may not have dreamed possible just 7 months ago. Achievement comes at a cost. The cost is effort. You’ve all given effort this season. Now go out and make it pay off.

Please do not forget your unisuit or your ID on any day you’re racing. You must have it in order to race.

Please remember your sunscreen, water and snacks. If you have to weigh in, please do not eat waffles until AFTER the weigh in!

Above all, have fun!!!

And finally, at some point this weekend, please thank your graduating senior rowers Maddy B, Becca, Fiora, Katie Mac and Chloe. They’ve been fantastic role models and leaders to our program in their four years. There’s a famous line in a well-known poem by John McRae (In Flanders Fields). “To you from failing hands we throw the torch. Be yours to hold it high.” Not that any of our grads’ hands are failing, but I love the message of passing the torch. Take the torch from those who’ve provided a great lesson to you….and make that lesson even greater.