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The final day of the season! Three finals for Westdale: SW638+, JM664X and JM4X.

SW638+ and JM664X will go out for a row at 5:45, then weigh in immediately afterwards. JM4x will appear at 9am.

Race times:

SW638+: 9:12am (Meeting 8:10am)

JM664x: 11:06am (Meeting with Mike about 10:05)

JM4x: 12:18pm (Meeting with Mike TBA)

All rowers please be there to help with trailer loading as the day progresses. We would like to get this done as quickly as possible. All boats except those being raced, have been de-rigged. Bring tools and help!

We will unload and rig at Leander at the end of Sunday prior to the year end party. Time TBA.