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In a decision that was about as difficult to make as any, I’m going to have to step aside from Westdale Rowing. My freelance career has happily gotten busier. Unfortunately, the flip side of that is that busy freelancing means more work in Toronto, making coaching early mornings in Hamilton unsustainable. Add to that, 90% of my regular work shifts locally are late night, and this became the only option.

I will be forwarding a document with some recommendations to Mike, Victoria and Madison who will hopefully all be able to continue on. And if Meegan and Lucas are able to help in the spring, the program will be in GREAT hands!!

While there are still hills to climb and successes yet to achieve, I believe that we’ve made some progress over the last number of years. It’s been a great pleasure to watch the development of our athletes from raw novices into accomplished, dedicated rowers with a passion for their sport. But there’s something more than that. Sport DOES shape in some way, who we become as human beings, and to watch our athletes compete and carry themselves, to mature into leaders before our very eyes, to be able to manage their lives and balance the rigours of study, rowing and “life” to an astronomically high level, has been pretty amazing.


Tom Beshoff