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Westdale 2019/2020 Indoor Rowing Season

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I’ve been fielding a large number of emails from parents and athletes as to the status of the 2019/2020 indoor season. I can finally provide an update to all as I received confirmation on details yesterday.

We have secured teacher reps for the indoor season and can officially start training. There are 4 teacher reps with each handling one day per week. This does mean that there is at this time one day per week where we will not be training at the school.

The training plan that I am putting together has provisions for optional practices at LBC for those athletes that are also registered as LBC U19 members. This plan should give ample opportunity for all athletes to improve their performance.

We also have a roster of assistant coaches that will be part of the program. For the indoor season I have had confirmation that they will be able to help in some capacity. Please note that some of these coaches may handle afternoon sessions at LBC and not at the school. Disclaimer: LBC sessions are open to LBC registered club athletes and are not official Westdale training sessions.

There are also a set of former students that have expressed interest in coaching during the outdoor season. I’ll wait until we get to that season.

The current planned starting date is Tuesday, November 12th. This is roughly two weeks out but that time is needed to coordinate a whole set of other details.

Also it is important that all communications between coaches and athletes be conducted through formal channels. I’ll share details on the mechanisms of doing that in the next few days and the reasons why but for the current time ensure that all emails are done through:


Looking forward to the upcoming season. The team has undergone a number of leadership changes but if we support each other we’ll succeed.

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