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Important Items


Big Reminder!!!

We are training Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 7 am in the middle gym. There is no training on Wednesday.

As mentioned, students registered as Leander Club athletes are strongly encouraged to attend the Tuesday and Thursday 4 to 6 pm training sessions at Leander. These are open for Leander registered junior and bantam members.

There are also going to be other Leander training sessions offered but the Tuesday/Thursday sessions will have your familiar coaches.

I need everyone to ensure that they complete the white permission forms as soon as possible. These are needed to be able to train. If you need a form then seek out Mr. Geoff Merritt who is our primary teacher rep.

Also I’ll be collecting the indoor rowing fee of $80 starting next week. This fee covers a number of incidental costs including erg repairs and some indoor regatta fees.

Tomorrow and through into next week I’ll start to collect names to build out the roster of indoor athletes. This will allow me to learn new names plus I’ll so collect birthdates which I need to figure out where you race.

Also start finding coxie sized students. We’ll need some of these.

4 thoughts on “Important Items

  1. Which four days of the week will they be training?

  2. Possible to do e-transfer for payments or just cheque/cash?

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