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Parents! Please Read

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I’d like to create a tighter and more efficient means of communicating with the parents. The blog is a great means of broadcasting content to the Westdale rowing community but it does not allow for dynamic communication. I’m most interested in being able to directly connect at a better level with the parents.

To help achieve this goal I’ve created a Facebook group Westdale Rowing Parents 2019/2020. There may some resistance to Facebook usage but it has accessibility that is better than the alternatives.

This group is only for parents. No students can join.

The group will allow me to get information out to the parents, get feedback and promote conversation amongst the parent community. It will also allow me put out cries of help such as fund raising activities and regatta planning. I will be crying 😂

To join I need you to send me an email (headcoach@westdalerowing.com) which I’ll use to send back an invite to the group. Please include your child’s name in the email so I can track who has joined.

Coach Mike

One thought on “Parents! Please Read

  1. Hello Mike, John Walker here, Maggie Walker’s dad,

    Thanks for taking on this momentous task I will do what I can to help.


    Sent from my iPhone


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