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Comments and Musings on Week One and Two

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Here are some comments on weeks one and two. It is a mixed bag of topics.

First thing is that it looks like we are able to continue training despite the work to rule. If this changes I’ll post updates to here.

I need everyone to make sure that they have submitted their white contact and medical forms. This is mandatory. I have blank copies.

I am collecting the $80 dollar indoor fee. This fee helps cover costs that we incur throughout the season. An example of a cost is spare parts for our ergs such as batteries and bolts. New batteries for the ergs were $70 and we’ll replace 3 times over the year. A monitor was replaced and that was a with a spare bought last year for $400.

Any surplus of funds will be rolled into a new erg.

in regards to our training we need to get more efficient at getting our practices started. Time is being lost that we can’t get back. Once we’ve got into the school the first order of business is to get warmed up and then collect in the gym. Then we can get into our deeper training session.

There is also an upcoming fund raiser on New Years Eve day. This was a very good one for us last year and hopefully we can do the same this year. As in previous years this is something that all of us need to be committed to do. The money raised goes towards our outdoor regatta fees.

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