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Thank You!!!

A great big thanks to everyone who helped out today at the fundraiser. I was very apprehensive this morning as to whether we had enough people to cover the day. There was good coverage this morning but the afternoon coverage was outstanding. We were able to cover 10 lanes from 2 pm to 6 pm which is the busiest time.

I’ll tally the figures over the next few days as to what we raised.

The other thing to note is how happy everyone was. A lot of smiles when talking with the customers and engaged conversation when asked questions. You represented the school, rowing and yourselves very well.

Next up is Family Day which we have been able to secure with our numbers today. We’ll make it even better.


Fundraiser Schedule

It looks like based on everyones availability that most if not all of you are only able to do 10 to 2. Some of you can go a little later and go up to 4 pm.

All of you that have committed to 10 to 2 please show up for that time. If we have extras than we will rotate through. There isn’t going to be an erg setup.

Any of you able to do the 2 to 4 time slot than I’m asking for you to help out in that time slot.

Help from the parents is appreciated.


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Callout to Everyone for the Fundraiser

Thank you to everyone who has replied back on you availability for the fundraiser. There are still a number that I have not heard from and a yes/no would be helpful.

We are short across most of the time slots and may need to stretch out the 10 to 2 time slot. The 2 to 6 has very low attendance. I need help here. Any alumni interested in helping out?

I’ll be be publishing the schedule tomorrow afternoon.


December 27th Training

I’ll be at the club from 10 am to 12 noon on the 27th for any of you that want to come out. This is not a Westdale practice and is open to those of you that are LBC members.

Plan on a long erg as we are doing at least 21km (half marathon). The ambitious can try the full 42km but I would strongly suggest not to😳

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Leander Boat Club 2020 March Break Training Camp

This is a Leander sponsored training camp for LBC athletes. A number of you are members so this should be of interest.

Leander’s spring training camp is focused on technical and physical development of competitive rowers ranging from novice to national team. Rowers are grouped together based on experience level and ability then taken for training sessions which suit their skill set.

Camp includes an introduction to rigging, training methodology and video work.

Leander athletes will be provided with sculling shells in the form of quads, doubles and singles. Sweep boats may be provided if a request is submitted to Jake Thomasen. Athletes from other clubs are responsible for bringing their own equipment to Leander to load on the trailer at least three days prior to departure.

Breakfast and Lunch are not provided as part of the trip. Athletes will be given opportunities to do grocery trips to a nearby store to stock up on easy meal options. Dinner will be booked through the host facility and included in the cost of the trip.

Payments are non-refundable due to the payments to our lodging facility and rental company being non-refundable.

Basics Details


Rumbling Bald Resort 112 Mountains Blvd. Lake Lure, NC, USA


Mode of Travel Main Contact Email



Estimated Final price

Final payment due

March 14, 2020 through March 21, 2020 Rental vehicles

Jake Thomasen leander.rowingcoach@gmail.com https://forms.gle/xVFP7MGkcX54SoyL7

Payment Information

$500.00 due January 2nd, 2019


*May vary with fluctuations in the exchange rate

February 1st, 2019

Payments sent by e-transfer to Leander.finance@gmail.com Passphrase (all lower case) rowing


The trip is from Leander Boat Club in Hamilton to Rumbling Bald Resort, Lake Lure, NC, USA. The

trip is estimated to be 14 hours in length.

(continued on page 2)

Depending on numbers the method of travel will be decided between rental vehicles driven by volunteers or a hired bus service.


Lead Coach: Jake Thomasen Head Coach at Leander Boat Club

Additional coaches will be joining us based their availability and number of athletes attending.

Equipment – For Non-Leander Athletes

Rowers from other clubs are to drop off their equipment at Leander at least three days prior to departure for trailer loading. We can accommodate earlier drop offs and some rentals.

A manifest of boat names, manufacturer name, shell class (1x, 2x, 4x, etc.) and serial number must be provided by email to leander.rowingcoach@gmail.com by the time your shell is dropped off.


• Completed at least one season of rowing (bantam counts)

• Interested in spending a week focused on rowing

• Actively training for rowing

• Valid passport which allows travel to the US

• Notarized permission slip signed by parents or guardians

• Be a member in good standing with your club or team

• Fill out the google form (https://forms.gle/xVFP7MGkcX54SoyL7)

If you have questions or comments regarding the trip please contact Jake and include Junior Training Camp in your email’s subject line.

Chaperones and Volunteers

The trip will be in need of some assistance from chaperones as the target age group is under 18. Please contact Jake Thomasen at leander.rowingcoach@gmail.com to express interest or availability.

The responsibilities may include driving duties and availability to assist should an athlete need help from a responsible adult. A meeting will be set in January for any who respond with availability to chaperone.

We will require a completed Vulnerable Sector Screening which can be done through the Hamilton Police Service.

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Christmas Training Plan and Fundraiser Request

I’m encouraging everyone to find ways to train over the holidays. Any chance to do some aerobic exercise should be considered. Running, cross country skiing, skating, erging, even non-stop dancing would be good. If it snows the shovel your parents driveway, your neighbours, any pile of snow you see.

I’m at the club on Monday 23rd at 4 to 6 pm to run a Leander club practice. Tentatively looking at Saturday morning from 8 to 10 am.

I’m not sure if it is still on but there may be the Annual 2k and Marathon on Boxing Day. Usually starts around 10am.

The next week schedule is still being worked out.

Also please get back to me on the fundraiser. I need at least 20 of you to confirm. If there any alumni who want to help out please offer your services. Any help is appreciated.

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Fortinos Fund Raiser on New Years Eve Day

We are scheduled to do another Fortinos fund raiser on New Years Eve Day which is December 31st. As in previous fund raisers this will run from 10 am to roughly 6 pm. We’ll need to cover 8 hours of shifts with roughly four 2 hour shifts. So you commitment is 2 hours.

I’m hoping we can get as many of you as possible for this. The money raised in the last fund raiser covered our entry fees for our outdoor regattas.

I need everyone to send me an email indicating what times you are available. Send to headcoach@westdalerowing.com