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Another SuccessfuLl Hug a Llama Day!!

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Another Hug a Llama Day is in the books. No llama costumes this year but some interesting (yes interesting!) llama facts.

We did have a llama 🦙 poem and I need Grace to send it to me so I can post it. Unfortunately we did not have time to hear it. Mail to headcoach@westdalerowing.com

We had 13 teams competing this year. The top 3 teams were:

1 Camelid 7443 meters

2 CeLLex 7372 meters

3 GLladiators 7315 meters

Competing hard were:

MaximaLlena 7214

CamelCousins 7101

Llamall 6965

OLliLLiam 6765

NoCLluema 6535

LlachMma 6448

Team GiLllian 6045

LlamaGirLls 5898

LlittleLlamas 5559

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