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Leander Indoor Regatta January 11th, 2020!!!

Our first erg regatta of the year is coming up soon. The Leander Indoor Regatta will take place on January 11th, 2020 at the St. Marys High School gymnasium.

Everyone is strongly encouraged to enter the event and the coaches will be actively pushing all of you to race. This is a good opportunity to test your winter training and for the novices to get their first taste of racing. The coaches cannot stress the importance of testing your abilities and limits.

You can find details at regattacentral.com which is where you can also enter. It has yet to be decided if I will submit all the entries or have each of you enter on your own.

The schedule is also on regattacentral.com

If you are unsure as to what race category you need to be in then please talk to me (Head Coach)