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Christmas Training Plan and Fundraiser Request

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I’m encouraging everyone to find ways to train over the holidays. Any chance to do some aerobic exercise should be considered. Running, cross country skiing, skating, erging, even non-stop dancing would be good. If it snows the shovel your parents driveway, your neighbours, any pile of snow you see.

I’m at the club on Monday 23rd at 4 to 6 pm to run a Leander club practice. Tentatively looking at Saturday morning from 8 to 10 am.

I’m not sure if it is still on but there may be the Annual 2k and Marathon on Boxing Day. Usually starts around 10am.

The next week schedule is still being worked out.

Also please get back to me on the fundraiser. I need at least 20 of you to confirm. If there any alumni who want to help out please offer your services. Any help is appreciated.

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