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Updates to Ontario Ergometer Championships Details!!!!!!!

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Waiver Forms

There are two waiver forms that need to be signed off by Parents or Guardians.   One is for the school board and the other is for the regatta itself.     You must have both forms signed off to race.   I cannot sign them, only parents and guardians.

School Board Forms – These are Mandatory

The school board forms I have.  Please see me first thing on Saturday morning and have your parent or guardian sign it.     If your parent won’t be there Saturday morning than send me an email at headcoach@westdalerowing.com.   I’ll find some way to get you the form on Friday.

If you do not have parental signatures than you cannot race as Westdale.

 Regatta Form:

Everyone under the age of 18 needs to have a parent or guardian sign a waiver form for this weekends ergometer race.  The form can be found at:


Please print it, have it signed and bring it with you Saturday morning.

Heat Sheet Draw

Posted at: https://www.regattacentral.com/cms/uploads/ridley_graduate_boat_club/files/2020%20Ontario%20Ergometer%20Draw.pdf

Please read and make sure you know exactly what time your race is.  Plan on being there at least one hour prior to your race.  Slightly earlier if you are weighing in.  Leave ample time for hydration, nourishment, and warming up.


Ridley College is in St. Catharines, Ontario – with easy access from the QEW or Highway 406.

Coming from the west on the QEW, take the 406 exit, and then exit at Fourth Avenue, and turn right at the top of the ramp.  Move to the left lanes and turn left at the 2nd traffic light, onto Louth Street.  (Small shopping malls on either side). Ridley College is on your left after the 2nd traffic light.  Turn left just before the train tracks, onto Ridley Road.  Entrance to the school is on the left.

From the east, exit to the 406 and follow the above directions to the venue.

Parking can be on campus (please not on the grass) or in the local neighborhood.

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