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2020 Outdoor Season Cancelled

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It is fairly safe to say that our outdoor high school racing season is cancelled. All the races that we would be interested in racing at are cancelled and school won’t start back until May.

There were two potential fundraisers that were going to occur in the next three weeks and that was a Grocery Bag at Fortinos and the Chili Cookoff. I had hopes that we would be through this but that is not going to occur. So these events will be cancelled.

The rowing club has not assessed the outdoor rowing season which would include high school and club racing seasons. I hold out hope that at some point there will be an an ability to train. This would only be relevant to those that are interested in club rowing which if it does occur I would encourage everyone to do. 

There are many unfortunate aspects of this turn of events. Our graduating athletes will not get an opportunity to have one more kick at CSSRA. Our novices are not getting a chance to learn this sport. Most importantly we won‘t be able to enjoy each others company at many spring regattas.

To all the parents, thanks for all your help and support. Without the strong support from the parents the coaches would have an extremely difficult time running the program. Thank you.

On to the 2020/2021 season. Keep training, stay safe. If you need training guidelines please contact me. I can give you hints.

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