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All the Best to our Grads

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One of the mixed feeling events that happens every year is a number of our crew mates graduating and moving on. On one hand you are sorry to see them go but on the other hand you are very happy to have seen them develop and move on to the next chapter in their lives.

Normally I get to stand in front of the whole team, including the parents, and pass on my deep gratitude for tolerating years of early morning practices, long days at regattas, and the ravings of the coaches. I won’t get that opportunity this year and I’ll need to do it from a distance. Think of me being close by while you read the following but at a socially acceptable distance.

To Ethan, Charlotte, Gillian, Sequoia and Serena.

Thanks for 4 years of your dedication to the sport. There were probably many days when you wanted to pack it in but you stuck with it. I’m hoping that you have learned how to push through issues and define goals that reach out well into the future. All of you have progressed into confident men and women and you have a lot to look forward to and achieve.

It has been a joy to coach you over the years and I wish you all the best.

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