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The Past and the Future

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I have a few items to cover from the past season and the future season.

The past first as it is easier given the fact it has occurred. I finally have the clothing order from the spring season. That means the unisuits and other clothing pieces are now available. The challenge is finding a way to distribute this out to you. Maybe a parking lot under social distancing rules, adequately masked, and gloved. Might need a secret password so that I know that I am not giving a shirt to a COVID desperado. Suggestions welcome.

As to the future. I can honestly say that I have no clue how this will play out. HWDSB has cancelled all fall sports which means that we are not able to practice until the new year. This is not conducive to success but necessity is the mother of invention so we’ll need to find ways of training to be successful.

I’m trying to find the means to train effectively. While the school is not accessible the rowing club is a potential. This would mean that we are not training at the school or as Westdale. If you are interested in rowing than a non-school means is what is available. This also true if you want to be successful. If there is enough interest than I will pursue this with the club. I’ll also move all communication away from this forum once I have numbers. This is a club rowing centered training.

The ergs will not be available as they are in the school and getting access is almost nonexistent. There are many ways to maintain aerobic training without erging and everyone should consider it. More to follow.

The thing that I want to push is that you need to plan on training, doing it effectively, and being prepared to race. The last part may not occur but without the first two you may as well not race.

I’ll put out a training plan for those interested.

If I gaze into a crystal ball 🔮 this will be an even more challenging year than last. Everything this last spring was cancelled due to many unknowns that are now in many ways known realities. If a second wave occurs than the response will be another shutdown which means that training and racing in the spring won’t occur. This is a harsh prediction but it will occur if the lessons learned in the past are not applied in the future. I’ll leave my political views on the current approaches to another forum 🙂

Stay safe. Wash your hands. Wear a mask. Social distance. Eat healthy. Train smartly. Treat your parents well.

Be happy and don’t let the doom and gloomers get you down. I was once told by someone that in desperate chaotic times that those who preach faith and optimism in the future are viewed as the village idiot. So be a village idiot!

Hope to see you all soon.

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