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Where are We?

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There is no defined date on when we can train at the school. It definitely looks like it will be after the first term in January. Sorry I can’t be more positive on a date.

The challenge is that no criteria has been established on how to conduct safe training indoors. Until such guidelines are established you need to train on your own and find ways of maintaining a level of performance.

The rowing club is looking at determining how to train indoors but this would be for club training. For activities at the school it will be the school board that will be the decider. While we can maintain social distancng the issue for us is the erg itself. The flywheel is a very efficient mover of air and is very effective at dispersing particles. Case in point: the number of positive test cases that came out of a local spin class despite the gym following all guidelines.

I still have the clothing order to distribute. Apologies for not getting this done.

My advice is to keep finding ways of doing endurance training as it is most important. If and when we get out of this we’ll be able to start to train together in person. Gasp!

If you need training advice than I can give anyone that asks advice on how to do old school training. I spent the first 10 years rowing and racing without touching an erg so there are ways of training. This is very true, ergs did not exist at the time.

I am really hoping that we can get to the racing season and compete. We are one of the original sports from when the school was formulated and 2021 will be 90 years. Something to look forward to.

Keep the faith. Look to a positive future.

Your truly,

The village idiot

One thought on “Where are We?

  1. Hello Mike. Thank you for reaching out! Quin has signed in to Leander and he is rowing in a single. We are hoping they have some safe plan on indoor training.
    I think Quin would benefit from an actual program though. I keep asking him to run with me but I do not get a lot of enthusiasm. Maybe if it comes from you?!

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