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Wednesday Practice

We had a good start to our season on Monday. Good to see all the new faces.

Please ask questions and be in learning mode. We have a lot to digest and understand before we get on the water.

Bring water bottles and please don’t share amongst youselves. Hydration is important for proper training and we also need to ensure that we do not spread germs

Tomorrow we’ll be putting the seniors and the novices together and training in pairs. There will not be enough seniors to go around so we’ll pair up as best as you can.

It is important to begin to have some structure to our workouts. First item is to ensure that we adequately warm up prior to ergin. So bicycle, or do a run around the 1st floor.

After our erg sessions a proper cooldown is done and this also involves a good round of stretching. Flexibility is a strong component to a proper rowing stroke so a stretching regimen should be part of something you do every day,

If you want a bit of homework check out the various rowing erg workouts that are available on YouTube. One of my favourites is Dark Horse Rowing. Everything from beginner to experienced