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Hopefully you recovered from the workout yesterday. It is important to have some structure to your workouts so your recovery is easier.

Pre-workout it is important to warmup effectively. Low impact low intensity work. Ride one of the bikes, or a very low rate erg.

It is also importan to do some simple stretching after the warmup. A warm muscle is much more pliable than a cold muscle.

Post workout it is important to hydrate, replenshish energy stores with a nice healthy snack such as fresh fruit or granola bars. It is also very important to stretch after a workout. This allows the muscles to cool down, and also flush lactic acid that may have built up.

Everyone needs to put a stretching regimen into your daily activities. Spending 15 minutes a day moving your muscles and stretching them out will go along way to ensuring that you are able to effectively train. Most importantly it will allow you to have an effective precise rowing stroke that is mechanically efficiently and generates boat speed.

Please look at some of the videos on the YouTube channel Dark Horse Rowing. Here is an example of a good one:

We’ll see you on Friday.