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Important Information on Registering for Outdoor Rowing

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Here are the details on all the steps necessary to register for our outdoor season. Please read carefully and if you have any problems than I will help you through it at practice this week.

First step is to ensure that you register with Rowing Canada. This will give you an RCA number which is your permanent means of identifying yourself with RCA. This number is also needed by your coaches for any regattas that we enter you in. I’ll eventually ask you for this number but you do not need to provide it me at this time

To register on the Rowing Canada Website:

The link is below. Any problems, I can help you through this during this weeks practice:


The next step is to watch the Rowing Canada Safety Video. The link is below

We will also watch the Rowing Canada safety video as a group as I will add some commentary and additional details on water safety.

Each of you must review the Leander Boat Club Safe Sport Policy Manual. Please read, digitally sign it, print if off, and return the printed copy to me and to Ms. Younes. As all of you are under the age of consent (less than 19 years of age) your parents or guardians must read and sign as well. This is why we need signed paper copies.


Seeing as you are all under the age of 26: Complete and return the Concussion Code of Conduct ā€“ Athlete and Participant Form.

Please NOTE: I need to get the link to this document. Bear with me as I find a copy of this document.

You can now E-Transfer membership cost to leander.clerk@gmail.com

Email leander.clerk@gmail.com identifying which membership you are joining, required forms, and any applicable

High School April 1, 2022 ā€“ June 6, 2022 $300

High School Coxie April 1, 2022 ā€“ June 6, 2022 $100

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