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Important Regatta Information

Please make sure you read this entire post, as it applies to athletes.

I need all 6 athletes racing at Mother’s Day to email me 1. Their date of birth 2. Their RCA number. Please get this to me ASAP. Once I’ve received this info from all 6 athletes I will send out an email with the boatings for Mother’s Day.

For all athletes, I will be posting the regattas we will be attending this season below. Mike and I need to know ASAP if you cannot make it to one or more of the races. Please email both of us if you can’t, telling us in person is not enough.

Mother’s Day Regatta (Seniors Only): May 8th

South Niagara Invitational: May 21st&22nd

Hamilton City Championship: Date TBD, most likely either May 28th or 29th. We will let you know as soon as we find out

CSSRA: June 3rd, 4th, & 5th

If you need to contact a coach about any issues this week (missing practice, have questions, etc.) please email me at meegan@westdalerowing.com. If you cannot attend a regatta, please email both me and Mike at headcoach@westdalerowing.com

Thanks, Meegan

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Update on Practices This Week

In my previous post I indicated that we can go 6 days a week. A number of you have asked if this is mandatory. My comments on this is that you need to take every opportunity to get on the water training.

You should plan on rowing Monday to Friday next week. Saturday will be optional for the novices but mandatory for the Seniors. I would also like the Novice Mens Coxed Quad to seriously consider going out on Saturday morning.

Also as I’ve stated before please check the boatings as I will be doing different crews during the week. One change will be the Novice Womens Quad going into the Novice Eight and the inagural rows for the 63kg womens quad.

Send emails if you are unavailable to meegan@westdalerowing.com

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Practices Next Week

Starting Monday May 2nd we will be able to practice 6 days per week. This means Monday to Saturday.

The opportunity to get additional practice time needs to be embraced and I hope that everyone will be available.

Also starting next week it is very important to review your boating assignments. We will start to mix crews up to give everyone a chance to become adept at sculling and sweeping. There will also be movement of crews around to different boats. Primary boats remain the same but you will start to find yourself in secondary boats.

This will be a challenge as it changes what we have been doing but it is a good challenge.

Please ensure that you are sending emails if you are unavailable to:



See you tomorrow.


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Order Confirmed

Hello Rowing team. This is Ms. Younes. Apologies for not being in the practice with you but I had to stay home since a family member got Covid and I take care of them.

The Shirts and the shorts were ordered. We need to start collecting the money since it takes me weeks to collect something from you guys…. we need to pay before we receive them… if they were cheap I would pay for them but we are talking more than a thousand dollar here ;).

So if you ordered a shirt only it will be $22 this is including tax, I tried to bargain for you but this is the best price for technical shirts with the logo…. it is a nice logo by the way. check the picture below.

If you ordered Shirt and ergo shorts it will be $65 this is including tax … these shorts are mid price and we can modify the waist (which is a better option… 3 dollar cheaper shorts with no ability to modify the waist).

I will send you the instructions how to pay…. and to whom …. (just wanted to check with Coach Mike first)

I’m still waiting for your RCA#... you need it to be able to compete… I know that some of you are still waiting for the number… please check it frequently and send it to my email myounes@hwdsb.on.ca

Thank you and have an awesome rowing season 😉

M. Younes

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Swim Test!!!!!!!!!!

There are three of you that have not taken the swim test. These need to get done or you will not be able to row. I will talk with each of you tomorrow.

There are two times arranged for this week and you need to attend one of them. These tests take less than 20 minutes.

There is a swim at 7:30am Thursday morning at Huntington Rec Centre and 6:30am Friday morning at Westmount Rec Centre.

Huntington Rec Centre 87 Brentwood Dr, Hamilton, ON L8T 3W4

Westmount Rec Centre 35 Lynbrook Dr, Hamilton, ON L9C 2K6

Please find the time to be available for these.

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Rowing This Week and Important Information on Rowing Dues and Regattas

First item to talk about.

A number of you have not paid your fees. The rowing club will start to prevent you from on the water activities if these do not get paid. This can be done by etransfer to:

Email leander.clerk@gmail.com

Identifying which membership you are joining, required forms, and any applicable

Please get this done ASAP. Your crew members need you.

Second item. We need to start focusing on ensuring that we are focused on our water training. Far too much time is being lost in getting our boats on the water in the morning as well as time lost to crew members not being available. Let’s be more precise in what we are doing.

Third item. To get the Novice Mens Eight going we are going to start rotating one of the five Senior men into the crew. We have 7 novice men and 5 senior men. This means we can put out an eight and quad out each and every day. Lets make this work.

Fourth item. The Senior Womens Quad and Novice Womens Quad will be practicing Saturday mornings as a Senior Womens Eight. This is being done to expand our training and racing opportunities.

Fifth item. It is yet to be fully confirmed but it looks like the SNRC Invitational Regatta will take place. This regatta will be held on Saturday and Sunday May 21st and 22nd which is the long Victoria Day weekend. The regatta has always been a big one for us and the goal is to get two races per day for everyone. Please ensure that you are able to be there and race. Your crew members need you.

Sixth item. The Hamilton City Championships will take place on Saturday, May 28th. Once again please ensure that you can be there.

Seventh item. CSSRA regatta is June 3rd to 5th. This is the biggest regatta of the high school season and everyone will race. However, we need committment to being there and also training with your crews. This regatta is important to us and it will be important to you for the rest of your high school racing career.

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Leander Boat Club Swim Test

Your last opportunity to take the swim test is this Saturday April 23rd. Details are below.

If you possess a Bronze Cross, or Lifeguard Cerification, then you do not need to take the swim test. What I do need is a image copy of your certification.

As stated before this test is mandatory and must be taken. The coaches will need to stop boating athletes if they have not taken the test.

The test consists of floating in the deep end of the pool for 10 minutes, putting on a lifejacket, then pulling yourself out of the pool (not by the ladder).

You need to wear leggings, or tights, and a long sleeve shirt. Similar to what you would wear when training on the water.


Central Memorial 93 West Avenue S, Hamilton, ON L8N 1S1


Saturday, April 23rd at 10:15 AM.