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Practices This Week

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We start our on water practices tomorrow. The operative word for this week is “patience”. It will come in handy.

Everyone needs to be down tomorrow. I’ll need one of the senior men to fill in with the Novice mens eight.

The novices will be going through a dry land and water training session. You’ll be learning how to get the boat in the water and all the steps needed to push off from the dock.

Senior quads will be going out with one of the other coaches.


The coxie is in charge. Respond to their commands.

No talking when you are on the boat

Always have a hand, or contact with the oar

Know your seat number. This is very important.

Know that you will be learning more rules

One thought on “Practices This Week

  1. What time are they expected to be at Leander? Is it 5?

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