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As we all found out today there is a lot to learn in this sport. We’ll need to be patient with each other.Ap

Apologies for my lateness this morning.

One observation is that there was too much chatter when we were on the docks. The only voices should be the coach, the bow person in a straight boat, and the cox. The reasons for this is safety. These three people are the ones that are seeing all the various different activities going on and are tasked with ensuring the correct operation of the crew.

On the water the only voice should be those three people. If there are conversations going on in the boat than you will not hear potentially life saving commands from those three.

To clarify one item. The bow person in a straight boat is tasked with given various commands. If you were in a quad (4 scullers) the bow person would give commands.

Also as you found out today we spread crews around to many different coaches. Once again this is a safety issue. We have a lot of crews that do not have any on the water experience. A single coach to a single novice crew ensures undivided attention.

One other observation is that I did not see anyone with water bottles. You may not think you need it in the cold weather but you do. Water loss occurs with any activity.

Wednesday we are all down to the water for practice at the 5:00 am time slot. Same crew settings. One item to note is that we are short one member of the senior womens 4x on Tuesday. This means that I need all 5 of the seniors mens 4x down so

I’ll see the senior crews tomorrow on the water at 5:00 am and the novice crews at the school at 2:45 pm.

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