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Practices this Week (04/18)

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Good start to practices this week . We had 21 people out today despite the confusion on whether we were practicing or not.

One item of bookkeeping. If you are not getting emails from the Junior Head Coach (Cayley)

send your email details to: leander.juniorrowing@gmail.com

A number of you have not provide email contact and that does limit the ability to send out boating assignments

Another item. Please send me an email if you cannot attend practice. I’m having trouble keeping track of the verbal updates. Email is best

Once again; headcoach@westdalerowing.com

As with previous weeks., The seniors are Monday to Saturday and the Novices are Monday Wednesday Friday.

I am considering putting out a Senior Mens Eight on Saturday morning which would be 4 seniors and 4 novices. I’ll discuss this week as to how that would take place.

For the novices this week we are adding a new element to the Tuesday Thursday practices. The Tuesday practice will be as normal. The Thursday practice will be 2K Evaluation.

The 2K Evaluation will consist of setting the ERG to 2000 meters followed by you rowing as fast as you can until you hit zero meters. This is the standard means of coaches evaluating fitness levels.

The practice will be very short and sweet. This should not take anymore than 10 minutes per person.

In a normal year we would be on our 4th or 5th 2K evaluation plus at least 2 or 3 actual 2K races. So we are very late doing what is a frequent part of row


  • please attend and do not skip this practice
  • warm up well before the 2k
  • we’ll race as groups so do not start on your own
  • after completing your 2k stay with your erg. I need to record times and if you walk away it slows the whole event down
  • stay to cheer on your crew mates. If they cheer you on then you should cheer them on
  • don’t be nervous. There are no alterior motives. As a coach I want to determine the fitness level of each of you.
  • have fun with this.


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